How to Style Naturally Curly Hair

Most of us have some type of natural wave or curl in our hair. I know a lot of women that battle with it day after day and use the flat iron to try to remove every kink. For these client’s I often recommend a keratin treatment service that is offered in our salon to help smooth the frizz, and relax the hair into a more controllable wave formation. For other’s I walk them through all the steps they need to do to bring their curls back to life because I also have naturally curly hair. Here are a couple background tips for curly hair before I go into styling.  
  1. Naturally curly hair tends to be drier, and frizzier. This is normal so don’t panic. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower, or an anti-frizz line to help smooth the opened cuticles. My absolute favorite is the Living Proof Frizz line.
  1. I recommend using a deep conditioner once or twice a month that you leave on your hair for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. With curly hair you ALWAYS will need a leave in conditioner to put on your ends . My favorite leave in is the It’s a 10 miracle leave-in.
  To style your curls successfully, in a dry climate, you will need to follow these directions.  
  1. After getting out of the shower blot your hair, but you do not want to take too much of the water out. Spray in your leave in conditioner and comb through with a LARGE TOOTH COMB. (Do not use a brush because this will rip through your ends causing breakage.)
  1. After you have combed through your hair grab your setting product of choice. For finer hair I recommend foam like Paul Mitchell the conditioning foam. If you have thicker hair then use a styling cream.
  1. Tip your still wet hair upside down and blot the product by scrunching it into your hair from roots to end without raking through your hair with your fingers. Remember you are SCRUNCHING the product in.
  1. Grab 6-8 butterfly clips grabbing random strands of hair from the ends and scrunching it to the root and securing the clip. You want to do this all over your head until all of your hair is scrunched up in the clips.
  1. Let your hair sit in the clips for 10-20 minutes before spraying a volume hairspray and releasing your hair from the clips.
  1. Without raking through your hair move your strands into place and enjoy how bouncy your curls are. Allow to air dry the rest of the way.
  You can always ask one of our stylist’s for a demonstration. We love curls! Until the next time…TaTa!

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