How can I revive my dry Arizona hair?

What are the benefits of a hair steamer to my dry Arizona hair? Arizona residents often suffer from dull, dry, lifeless, frizzy and uncooperative hair. The damage is caused by internal and external factors such as medicine, hard water, and heat damage from flat ironing….to name a few. Salon 7000 is happy to introduce our new hair steamers whose use will not only improve the condition of your hair when used in combination with our living proof restore and Coppola keratin hair products, but will cut down any color processing time by 50-60%. WOW! What is a hair steamer you ask? A HAIR STEAMER is designed to create hot vapor, which can accelerate skin microcirculation, to help expand each hair cuticle and make them receptive to the nutrients in our hair moisturizers. When used with a color service it helps the color to penetrate even the most stubborn hair, while renewing, softening, and improving split ends. As a result your hair will be stronger, healthier, and shinier. That’s right….your hair will bling! Other client’s that will benefit from our hair steamers include anyone that suffers from dry or oily scalp and/or brittle hair. We are currently offering a special for $12 restore conditioning treatments normally $25. If you are not familiar with our new line please visit their website at Did I mention these are the products from the hair care company that Jennifer Aniston not only owns, but exclusively uses in her hair? You can book online and get the hair you never thought you would have at Ta ta!

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