Going from Darker to Lighter Hair

Summer is coming, and now you want to go from Megan Fox to Cameron Diaz in one salon visit without cutting your hair. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not possible, safely. Kelly Clarkson is a good example of a star that recently went from dark to light, and even she did it in steps. The only way to go lighter after you have had previous color on your hair is to use lightener(bleach) on your ends that still have the previous color. Regular hair color cannot lift color once it has been placed. That is why if you are deciding to go darker you have to realize the commitment you are making. If you care anything about the integrity of your hair you will follow the plan that we often use for our clients when they decide to go lighter.
  1. Condition your hair prior to your visit, during, and after! I recommend Living Proof Hair Mask( Jennifer Aniston’s line). Spend at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment strengthening those locks to ready them for the damage that is about to be done. Expect to condition after your visit as well.
  2. Let your current color grow out as much as possible. It means having roots for a bit, but it will ensure a better end result when you finally take the plunge.
  3. Go for highlights. Even if your final shade is a solid lighter color(which isn’t common these days with dimensional colors being so popular and more natural looking) ,going for several heavy highlight visits will help you manage the damage done to your hair, and it gives the stylist more control on the result.
  4. Have realistic expectations. It will take more than one visit to get the shade you want safely. The stylist will be working with previous color, canceling natural undertones(the brassiness exposed when going lighter), and all while trying to safely achieve the color you want.
Going lighter can be fun if you sit back and let a professional do what they do best. If you have never colored your hair, then you are one of few, and a hair stylist’s dream because the sky is the limit of what can be achieved with your hair. For the rest of us who already have color on our hair, follow these steps and you will have success. Until the next time! Ta Ta

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