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Tips for a Square-Shaped Face

At Salon 7000 recently, I have had many clients’ that ask for hair suggestions to compliment a square-shaped face. The answer honestly depends on the person, and their lifestyle, but there are choices out there for everyone. You have a squared shaped face if you...
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Going from Darker to Lighter Hair

Summer is coming, and now you want to go from Megan Fox to Cameron Diaz in one salon visit without cutting your hair. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not possible, safely. Kelly Clarkson is a good example of a star...
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How to Style Naturally Curly Hair

Most of us have some type of natural wave or curl in our hair. I know a lot of women that battle with it day after day and use the flat iron to try to remove every kink. For these client’s I often recommend a...
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Living Proof Hair Products

This month many of you have experienced a new line we were testing in the salon called Living Proof and the results were amazing! The line claimed to eliminate frizz, and clinically improve the condition of your hair in 2 weeks. We have decided to...
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How can I revive my dry Arizona hair?

What are the benefits of a hair steamer to my dry Arizona hair? Arizona residents often suffer from dull, dry, lifeless, frizzy and uncooperative hair. The damage is caused by internal and external factors such as medicine, hard water, and heat damage from flat ironing….to...
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